CSO in Spain

San Sebastian
The audience in San Sebastian, Spain. Photo: Chris Pinelo

On Monday, the Cincinnati Symphony took a charter flight to Bilbao, Spain, which, if you check your map is midway between its two tour destinations of San Sebastián and Santander.  The orchestra performed its Proms program last night (Tuesday) in Palacio de Congresso del Kursaal, San Sebastián as part of that city’s Musical Fortnight Festival. It is a northern port city of breathtaking beauty.

The orchestra was front-page news in a large feature in El Diario Vasco. Tonight (Aug. 30), in the same venue, the orchestra will be joined by violinist Renaud Capuçon in the Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1.  On Aug. 31, they’ll repeat that program (which includes John Adams’ “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” and Brahms’ First Symphony) in Santander, in the Palacio de Festivales de Cantabria.


Meanwhile, reviews are still being posted from their U.K. performances. One from a website called Bachtrack wrote about Bernstein’s “On the Waterfront”:   “Langrée’s interpretation was spot on; an excellent opening solo from principal horn Elizabeth Freimuth – a real trooper who also made a strong contribution to the Tchaikovsky – was full and evocative with just the right level of cinematic dreaminess.” The reviewer rounded out his views of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth by saying,  “Indeed the CSO’s brass section proved to be a major highlight of the evening with its even intonation and broad rotund sound.”



CSO reviews from the road

P58 (222)
Reviews are starting to appear for the CSO’s concerts in the UK, including the famous BBC Proms. Photo: Chris Christodoulou

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is basking in the glow of positive reviews for its debut performances at both the Edinburgh International Festival and the BBC Proms in Royal Albert Hall, the first leg of its three-week tour of six nations.  Geoff Brown of The Times wrote that the orchestra’s program for the 58th Proms showed them “what we have been missing.”

“There’s that almost inordinate precision and sparkle, best experienced in its encore, Bernstein’s ‘Candide’ overture; and an intense clarity of colour and line, so telling in the early stages of Copland’s ‘Lincoln Portrait.’ And how about the sonic ballast, partly fuelled by the muscular buzz of double basses, placed on risers, facing the front?” he wrote.

By the way, it looks like the editors have corrected their initial spelling of our fair city (Cincinatti). Continue reading

Cincinnati Symphony makes Proms debut

P58 (261)
Photos: Chris Christodoulou

Did you hear it? The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Sunday evening debut in London’s Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms was met with deafening cheers and applause from the Proms audience, estimated at 5,000 to 6,000 people.

P58 (235)
The enthusiastic audience for the Cincinnatians in Royal Albert Hall. Photo: Chris Christodoulou

I think the response surprised even the announcer on the BBC’s Radio 3, which was airing the concert live from Royal Albert Hall.

And what a concert it was. The program opened with Bernstein’s suite from the film, “On the Waterfront,” followed by Aaron Copland’s “Lincoln Portrait,” which was premiered by the CSO in 1942. The celebrity narrator was British actor Charles Dance, who spoke Lincoln’s words with a bit of an American accent.

P58 (216)
A capacity crowd of an estimated 6,000 for the CSO’s debut at the Proms in Royal Albert Hall, London. Photo: Chris Christodoulou

The announcer remarked that the piece had not been performed in the U.K. since 1943, when Sir Adrian Boult led its U.K. premiere at the Proms. At the intermission break, the broadcast continued with a panel discussion about Lincoln – interesting to hear from the British perspective.

P58 (178)
A thrilling performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth had the Brits cheering. Photo: Chris Christodoulou

The second half featured Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5, given a high-voltage performance led by Louis Langrée. For an encore, Langrée and the orchestra delighted the crowd with Bernstein’s splashy Overture to Candide.

P58 (211)
Note the microphones over the CSO in their BBC Proms debut, broadcast live all over the UK and streamed live to the world. Photo: Chris Christodoulou

The broadcast was also notable because it was the first time that Cincinnatians could hear their orchestra, live in concert on tour across the Atlantic. I was impressed by the quality of the pickup – it was so clear and balanced, they could have been playing in downtown Cincinnati. But then the BBC obviously has lots of experience at recording and broadcasting.

If you missed the show, you’ll find it archived at BBC Radio 3 for another 30 days. In addition, Cincinnati’s WGUC-FM 90.9 is planning to air the American portion of the Proms broadcast, locally at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 6. (WGUC will also air the fabled Last Night of the Proms on Sept. 26).

Today the orchestra flies to Northern Spain.

Edinburgh concert review


Cincinnati & Charles Dance 25.8.17 -¬ Beth Chalmers41Cincinnati & Charles Dance 25.8.17 -¬ Beth Chalmers46

Cincinnati & Charles Dance 25.8.17 -¬ Beth Chalmers45
Scenes from Friday’s debut performance at the Edinburgh International Festival. Photos thanks to Beth Chalmers & Edinburgh International Festival

Tour reviews are starting to trickle in following the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s debuts in the United Kingdom over the weekend. Here’s what Hazel Rowland of The Scotland Herald had to say about the CSO’s debut in Usher Hall at the Edinburgh International Festival:

“With an extensive brass and percussion section, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra relished the brash loudness that these composers (Copland and Bernstein) ask for, but that is not to suggest their performance was crudely one-dimensional.  …”
And she enjoyed Brahms’ Symphony No 1, saying, “The large string section was a treat to listen to, filling the Usher Hall’s expansive space with a beautiful sound for Brahms’s soaring melodies.”

Cincinnati Rehearsal 25.8.17 -¬ Beth Chalmers40
The CSO rehearses in Usher Hall in Edinburgh. Photo: Beth Chalmers & Edinburgh International Festival

Photos from the Cincinnati Symphony in the U.K.

As you know, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is making an historic tour to the Edinburgh International Festival as well as the BBC Proms in London this weekend as part of their three-week European tour. Tonight, they play in Usher Hall in Edinburgh. One of the featured numbers is Aaron Copland’s “Lincoln Portrait,” featuring British actor Charles Dance (yes, that Charles Dance from “Game of Thrones”) as narrator.

Because I’m not traveling along this time, I’ll try to keep you updated as I get the news. After they arrived Wednesday morning, most musicians set out sightseeing in the hills, and I’m sure, to Edinburgh Castle, which is close to their hotel. Continue reading

Acclaimed Musician Demarre McGill Joins CCM Faculty as Visiting Assistant Professor of Flute

This is fantastic news — brother of Anthony McGill


Demarre McGill

CCM Interim Deanbruce d. mcclung has announced the appointment of lauded flutist Demarre McGill as Visiting Assistant Professor of Flute. Winner of the prestigious Avery Fisher Career Grant, McGill is a leading soloist, recitalist, and chamber and orchestral musician.

A native of Chicago, McGill began playing the flute at age seven. He attended Chicago’s Merit School and was a member of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. At age 15, he appeared as a soloist with the Chicago Symphony.

McGill received a Bachelor of Music degree from the Curtis Institute of Music where he studied with Julius Baker and Jeffrey Khaner. He continued his studies with Baker at The Juilliard School, where he received a Master of Music degree.

McGill has appeared as a soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, Dallas Symphony, San Diego Symphony and Baltimore Symphony.

In September 2017, McGill will return as principal flute of the…

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