The May Festival is here

Eun Sun Kim with soloists for Verdi’s Requiem in Music Hall

The May Festival opened last night with a stunning performance of Verdi’s Requiem conducted by Eun Sun Kim — the first woman to lead the Cincinnati May Festival. Watch for a review later today at

And below are links to other preview stories that I’ve been writing for The Business Courier, part of their new initiative to provide arts coverage for our region:

Volunteer talent shines at 145-year-old Cincinnati May Festival: Click here to read

May Festival conductor Kim among new wave of women on the podium: Click here

May Festival to perform Bernstein Mass for first time in 46 years: Click here

The tradition of little flowers girls/boys is still alive at the May Festival

One thought on “The May Festival is here

  1. Janelle: Have been enjoying your reviews for decades. We don’t disagree with your critique of MASS , but as non-musicians , as well as liberal Catholics., we appreciate it for the half-dozen times we have seen it on a more visceral level. As Mark Swed said wrote of the Dudamel LA Phil concert, “the Bernstein Mass is a mess, but it is our Mess.’ Of the dozen or so Verdi Requiems we have heard , Friday night’s was one of the most beautifully moving. Thanks for your writings,
    Joe & Eleanor


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