Review: First impressions of Music Hall

img_8959“CINCINNATI – A $143 million renovation of the National Historic Landmark pushed the orchestra forward, narrowed the room, and cut 1,000 seats. In the Cincinnati Symphony’s homecoming, the acoustics were still a work in progress.”

Read my first impressions of Music Hall’s acoustics by clicking here:  “Old is New Again in Cincinnati’s Reborn Music Hall” at Classical Voice North America, journal of the Music Critics Association of North America.

img_8950I went back on Saturday for the free Community Open House, and was amazed to see thousands of people of all ages and some with strollers and wheelchairs, pouring through the doors and visiting every nook and cranny of the hall.

I was thrilled to see the incredible installation of the historic art-carved organ panels from Music Hall’s 1878 Hook & Hastings Organ in the Taft Suite, a new lounge for donors.

The stunning organ panels that were rescued and their restoration funded by members of the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall.

And I was surprised when I arrived at Corbett Tower in the third floor and discovered hundreds of people seated in chairs for a free performance by Cincinnati Opera singers.

Corbett Tower, showing high cove ceilings with a restoration of Victorian-era stenciling and arched windows, discovered when the old drop ceiling came down, on Saturday.

Below are two preview articles that appeared on the national website on Friday.  Click on the titles to read them:

“Tonight’s Grand Reopening: Cinci’s Storied Music Hall” (The No. 1 article on the site being read.)

“Music Hall Renovation: Ten Years in the Planning for 16 Months in the (Re)building”

What were your impressions of the hall’s new look and new sound? Let me know!




One thought on “Review: First impressions of Music Hall

  1. My seats are in Balcony 6. During the 2nd movement of the Beethoven, I could hear the strings whispering in complete unison. It was magical.


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