Music Hall in the news

Lobby chandeliers will be taken out and replaced with more streamlined “torchiere” lights

Music Hall will close in less than two months, and we’ve been writing a number of updates about the plans. Finally, the Enquirer has a page that is dedicated to renovation stories. Watch for a call for your own Music Hall Memories soon!

Here’s the link. You can also go to and put Music Hall Renovation in the search box.

Of course, Music Hall is home to the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera, May Festival, and  when the rehab is done, Cincinnati Ballet.

The Corbetts, who funded the last renovation more than 40 years ago, share the timeline with Tony Bennett and Van Cliburn. The timeline entrance will be taken out, but the timeline could go somewhere else as it is saved on a digital file, according to the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall.
The giant autograph book in the Green Room
A detail of the hand-shaped decor on the proscenium arch in Music Hall. A stage hand once told me that this was hand-sculpted by Cincinnati workers when the arch was added in 1896. This will stay in the new renovation.

I’m adding a few pics from my recent visits to the iconic hall, while writing about Moving the artifacts out of the hall in preparation for its closure.

Reuben Springer’s desk and portrait, currently in the Green Room. Springer succeeded in getting Music Hall built in 1878 with the nation’s first matching grant

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