Lumenocity: Continue or give it a rest?

  Did you attend Lumenocity? Would you go again, or after the third time, is it time to “give it a rest and move on to something new?

When the first Lumenocity debuted in 2013, it was a phenomenon that galvanized the city. Presented by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and designed by the OTR firm Brave Berlin (who had a team of 12 OTR designers and producers), it has given exposure to Music Hall, the symphony, visual art and a revitalized Over-the-Rhine. Should it continue? Let me know. And click here to read a summary of this year’s event

See my photo gallery below:

  The final piece, the Fourth Movement of Brahms’ First Symphony, was an homage to Cincinnati icons and heroes.IMG_6119IMG_6050
  The third number, to music by Saint-Saens, was a dreamlike fantasy that began as a love story between puppets.
  Most nights, despite a few threatening showers, enjoyed picture-perfect weather this year.
IMG_6013  Inside Music Hall, visitors could view Mark Clark’s amazing Lego display of Music Hall, Over-the-Rhine and the old (now demolished) Albee Theater. He says after this show, he is retiring from his Lego career… and currently, there is no permanent home for this amazing project.

One thought on “Lumenocity: Continue or give it a rest?

  1. My question is whether it makes sense to put on such a costly, time-consuming event when the rehabilitation of Music Hall is under way. I know one of the reasons it came about in the first place was to rally support for the project. Once it gets going full-steam, it seems like an awful lot to ask of the arts’ communities, their staffs and donors to simultaneously support Lumenocity. It would seem perfectly normal to me if they took a break then brought it back as a celebration of the newly restored building.

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