Cincinnati’s philanthropy: Why do people give to the arts?

  • There have been some astonishing stories in the past week or two about Cincinnati’s support for the arts. The Lindner family is giving $10 million to the Music Hall renovation project. The CSO has raised $26 million, which will both build back the orchestra to 90 players and balance the books. Read how the orchestra turned itself around in six years.
  • And the ArtsWave campaign hit a new high.
  • On Friday, a visitor from New York asked me why there is such passion for the symphony, opera, ballet, museums and theater in such a small market? And why do people care enough to give and keep giving?
  • I said I think it goes back to those German immigrants of the 19th century– it’s in the DNA.
  •  What do you think?
    CSO officials annouce $26 million in gifts on Thursday in Music Hall
    joshua Bell signs autographs
    A fan takes a selfie

    Louie Langree and orchestra taking bows


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