The biggest story of the year in the arts

composite editedTo me, it was Lumenocity — even the name has instant recognition, at least locally. Who knew, in its second year, that free tickets would all be gone within 12 seconds?

IMG_-586At least 42,500 people flocked to three performances and a dress rehearsal of the orchestral light show. About 50,000 TV households tuned in to the live simulcast on TV. Hundreds more watched from rooftops and streets surrounding Washington Park. Another 1,300 saw live feeds to Fountain Square and Riverbend. Online, more than 6,000 logged on to watch a live video stream from as far away as Russia and Sweden.

IMG_-503No one knew what it was last year, until we told them. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra officials were stunned when 35,000 people showed up over two nights.

This year, coverage included the announcement of big plans and big changes.

The ticket snafu (some showed up eBay)

The guide (including an interactive map)

What’s next?


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