Music Hall in the news — then and now


Cincinnatians have discussed a major renovation of Music Hall for more than a decade. The 3,417-seat Victorian Gothic hall dating from 1878 hasn’t had an update in more than four decades. Then, about four years ago, things started heating up. But confusion reigned. That’s when I asked, “Who’s in Charge?

Here’s a link to our team coverage going back about three years. By the way, the last time we saw any images of the plan was here.

I worked with photographer Glenn Hartong behind the scenes to document why a Music Hall rehab was needed (which appeared in Forum for print).

Recent news includes “What will it cost to Fix our Icons?” This was a joint package by our team. We went to nearly a week of meetings by the Cultural Facilities Task Force. Our aim was to inform readers of the plan for Music Hall and Union Terminal revitalization projects. As they say, it’s complicated. The story has an interactive graphic showing attendance for both buildings and ProConIts at the end.

Of course, County commissioners decided that Music Hall is now out of the proposed Icon Tax picture. See more coverage here.



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